A worn book sat on the kitchen counter one early Michigan summer morning. It wasn't mine, but I picked it up and thumbed through it. "Story of Soul," it was titiled. I stopped at a random page. St. Therese of Lisieux, in her biography, was contemplating in her diary. Why would God give her a desire to do something she couldn't do? She held a deep desire to become a saint. Maybe I should have been thinking about sainthood myself, but instead another thought flooded my newly graduated and considering a masters programmed mind. I had a deep desire to write music. I always have. But I can't really sing, I thought, and I can't play any instruments. I had no lessons or training what-so-ever. But still there it sat, and still sits now. A deep desire to write, sing and play. A few days  after that moment, I picked up a guitar and slowly started to learn to play. I picked up a blank sheet of paper and started to write lyrics that had been there for some time. I sat in the bathroom and began to sing. Aren't the shower acoustics awesome? (You know they are). And so began my musical journey, and because of countless people like you, continues. 

I have been blessed in many ways: Top Ten Finalist in Guitar Center's Singer-songwriter contest, Youtube spot light artist, Blogger for Voice-Council magazine, songwriter for indie film "Rancho D'amore" as well as indie artists, winner of Detroit's got talent. I have performed at various locations and events including the Detroit Piston's game, the Detroit Zoo's "wild beast, wild wine" event, Royal Oak Michigan's Arts, Beats and Eats, Hotel cafe in LA, Nashville and various pubs and wineries. I live in the Great Lakes state with my wonderful high school sweet-heart turned hubby, our three adventurous boys, nine chickens and sheepadoddle dog.