Behind the songs


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Watch Slideshow?" my phone offered to me late one Tuesday night. I needed to create more space on my phone so I was going through old pictures and backing them up. I miss holding actual photographs, I realized as I thumbed through pumpkin patch and 1st day of school photos. It's so easy to snap away and hardly give another thought to those moments, at least after they're already uploaded to every social media site. So, I pressed play, expecting to see the same images I was already familiar with. But as it began, I saw so much more. I watched as the most precious moments of my life flashed by on the slowest speed possible, yet still too fast. The chocolate cake smeared on the rosy filled cheeks of a one year old, the white glowing gown at a baptism, the twinkling of lights above a family Christmas photo. Tears swelled and finally overflowed. This is a song, I decided. A song that serves as a reminder that the precious moments of today will be memories tomorrow.